About the project

Get Mentoring in Farming is a UK-wide initiative to recruit and train 300 volunteer business mentors from the Farming Sector and to match them with 300 small farming related businesses, like yours, who are looking for mentoring support.

The Future of Farming Review (2013) highlighted the importance of business and management skills and the role mentoring takes in developing theses skills along with the potential for a matching service to help bring together new entrants with existing farmers.

Do you own or run a farming business and are looking to:

  • Improving your core business?
  • Diversify your existing business?
  • Making your business more resilient?
  • Grow or expand your business?
  • Reduce costs and improve performance?
  • Using technology to improve the way you do things?
  • Plan for the future?

Then why not find out how you can benefit from connecting with a volunteer mentor who has the knowledge and experience to help.

Don’t miss out. We have mentors who have volunteered at least an hour of their time every month for the next 12 months to provide you with mentoring support. Mentor training has now been completed and all trained mentors have been registered with Get Mentoring in Farming. When you’ve registered as a mentee the matching process can begin.

Step 1: Register

First of all, we’ll need a few details from you to create your profile. This will help us understand your requirements and allow us to match you with a suitable enterprise mentor when the project matching stage begins.

Step 2: Get Matched

Our mentor matching system will match you to a suitable mentor based on your profile information. At this stage our Mentor Manager will get in touch to make sure you’re happy to proceed with your assigned mentor.

Step 3: Get Mentored

If you’re happy to proceed you can either exchange contact information or communicate through our online messaging system and start working with your mentor. You can also access resources here to help you in your mentoring relationship.

Why is it free?

Hundreds of experienced business people are receiving free mentor training from Get Mentoring in Farming, a government funded initiative to encourage business mentoring across the UK within the farming and agriculture sector. In exchange they have agreed to volunteer as a business mentor for at least one hour a month.

Please note that this project has now ended and is no longer accepting registrations.